The Shared Art Experience evolved out of my search for my own inner artist. During the past several years, I have learned a lot about myself and about the vast world of art.

My name is Lauren Wynn. Together with my husband, JJ, I live on the beautiful island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. Formally educated in music and theatre, I am – above all – an avid student of life. I express my art through music, painting, cooking and also as a visionary and entrepreneur.

While I see art in the traditional or classical ways in paintings, drawings, sculptures and other objects, I also believe that art exists in music, in food, in gardens and buildings, in the hearts and minds of healers, teachers and leaders, in dancers, thespians, writers and creators of all things.

This site is dedicated to exploring and sharing the experience of art – in all of its forms – and celebrating the sometimes hidden, sometimes long-forgotten artist inside each and every one of us.