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Last month, following the Republican National Convention, I posted a piece entitled ‘Better in the Light of Day’ in which I bemoaned the sad state of Election 2016. I wrote that unless a ‘valiant knight on a trusty steed’ came to our country’s rescue, I would be abstaining from a vote for President for the first time in my life. I was disheartened, disappointed, and truly at a loss for what to do. Little did I know that the knight was on his way.

On August 8th, Evan McMullin – a forty-year-old conservative patriot – announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Skeptically, but with a glimmer of hope, I began to research Evan, his background, policies, and beliefs. I was not disappointed. First, I listened to his announcement speech where he championed liberty, tolerance, and decency as great American values. From there, I watched his TED Talk on Syria and was moved by his passion for people and his belief in protecting the helpless and standing against tyranny. Intrigued and hopeful, I followed him on Facebook and Twitter. By this time, he was being interviewed by numerous news outlets and I listened to every interview I could.

When his fledgling campaign started making state ballots, I really sat up and took notice. Then just 9 days in, he polled at 9% in Utah – that made me think there was really something to this. He had an excellent interview with Glenn Beck, another with NPR Radio and every time I heard him, I became more and more sure that Evan was our country’s valiant knight – although I doubt he would ever describe himself as such. I became more and more convinced that his vision for our country was the right one – a vision of unity, not division; compassion, not scorn; security, not fear; hope, not despair; and understanding, not indifference and disdain. He spoke with great passion about our Founding Fathers and echoed my own dreams and prayers for our great nation.

By the end of week two, I was 100% on Team Evan and have been overwhelmed by the amazing volunteers who are rallying to his cause. I’m honored to work alongside them as we endeavor to give America a Better Choice.



The views expressed here are my own and are not endorsed by any candidate or party

By: Lauren A. Wynn @TorchSinger65

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