Food as Art

What better time than the holidays to engage in this dialogue: can food be art? I posited in my opening post to this blog What is Art and Who is an Artist? that art exists in food. From the blending of flavors and the play of color and texture to the aromatic impact and the visual presentation through the creative use of glass and pottery, I can attest to the fact that our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday rose to the level of a Master Work! A search for those who might agree with me turned up this quote:

When a creative, sensory form also has the capacity to express philosophies, inspire multiple interpretations, conjure narratives and/or allude to complex meanings, it is art, whether the medium is paint or piano or polenta.

A click of my mouse led me to the full article by Jacquelyn Strycker from createquity, “From Palate to Palette: Can Food Be Art?” In it, they present a compelling consideration for giving chefs, farmers & food artisans a place at the table with painters, photographers, and performers.

Despite the many comments to the contrary on Jacquelyn’s post – from subject matter experts, I might add – I still firmly believe that cooking and even gardening are art forms and, therefore, the results of these endeavors are art. However, I’m curious to know what my readers think, so I invite you to read the CreatEquity article and let us know your opinion on the topic by leaving a comment below.

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